This is a list of mould prevention tips from AIIC that landlords should give to their tenants:

Dry all windows, windowsills and any other surfaces that have become wet. Ensure you wring out the cloth thoroughly, do not dry on the radiator!

Try to keep the interior temperature of the property at a reasonably constant level.

If possible, always hang your wash-ing outside. If this is not possible, you could hang it in the bathroom with the door closed and the window slightly open for ventilation. Do NOT dry washing on radiators as this will add to the moisture already in the air.

If you use an extractor fan, use it. If it’s faulty, or can’t hold a postcard to it when it’s switched on, advise your landlord so that they can repair or replace it.

If you use a tumble dryer, ensure it is well ventilated to the outside or that it s the new condensing type.

Try to ventilate your kitchen when in use, either by opening a window slightly, or using the extrator fan. Try to ventilate both kitchen and bathrooms for at least 20 minutes after use.

If your property is prone to condensation then daily use of de-humidifier unit can be very beneficial. These come in all shapes and sizes, cost very little to run and draw excess moisture from the air helping to keep the condensation under control.